Gregor Gaida

It's been some time since I've browsed the wonders of design site Yatzer, but within 30 seconds of scrolling this evening I have become mesmerised by the work of Polish artist Gregor Gaida. The most surprising thing about his work is that most of these almost photographic sculptures are carved from wood (and then combined with aluminium, polyester and acrylic resin)!

I can't even begin to imagine the effect these uncompromising, life-sized sculptures would have on me if I were to see them close-up, as even on screen they are breathtaking. There is a sense of familiarity with these figures, and although the viewer is drawn to striking poses there is a very dark element to them...which I find even more intriguing. Yatzer says it better than I can:

'Many of Gaida’s works combine positively charged components which in their sum and constellation, however, have a negative impact. The often aestheticised shape and the object-like character of his works in inconsistent with a narrative, waving between attraction and repulsion. Gaida has a special way to tell stories without spelling them out since merely the possibility of a story is suggested. And although he points out that the relationship he has with his own creations always remains a secret for the greater audience, he reveals that his inspiration often comes from every day, hard working people.'
These do not really relate to fashion, but the only way I can think of translating the feeling of these pieces into wearable garments is the poses which they hold - amazing for a photoshoot and the colouration of their skin which would look beautiful if worked into fabrics and 'looks'. I also love the textures. Even though the skin is smooth, the edges of the poly resin and the carved wood could be really interesting if worked into fabrics. Note to self - play with fabric manipulation!


Aqua by Aqua

The most amazing shop has just opened in Fouberts Place, just off Carnaby Street in London. If you're from the North of England you may well have heard of this store before, as they began life in Leeds five years ago, and have even recently been selling on asos. Aqua is the most interesting and forward thinking independent store on the high street at the moment. It opened here in the capital only two weeks ago, so take a visit soon before everyone else catches on!

Two of my favourite pieces are these oversized tops. Most garments in the collection are body-con, but these diaphanous tunics are a fresh, wearable way to do the lingerie trend which has been all over the high-street for some time. If like me, you don't like to wear your pants over your trousers like superman, I suggest these options!

I visited Aqua with a friend yesterday, and she bought a few hard-edged statement dresses. They may not be to all tastes, but you cannot deny their unique and utterly flattering design. We scoured the regular shops around Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, but nothing compared to the party dresses in this new store.



Hello strangers....how are you? So, it's been a fair while since I last posted. I've been trying to keep myself busy over the past few weeks, after splitting with my boyfriend. I won't go into details, but precious time has been spent with friends and family and lots of alcohol! I didn't realise quite how long it had been since my last post, but don't worry, The Starling is back ;)

Some good news - I found out I have sold my Samurai dress, on NJAL. The money I make from this dress is going to go towards my 'buy-me-a-K+L-mannequin' fund! I'm so excited...this means I'm going back to the sewing machine after a (too) long break. More designs and experimentation's coming your way soon, and who knows I may sell a few!

Whilst doing some 'research' at work today I came across the most brilliant idea on weheart. Something like this will genuinely benefit my day-to-day work and now I know about it, it seems like such an obvious invention (why didn't I think of this?). What am I talking about? Fashionary - the world's first fashion sketchbook, tailor made for designers!

Fashion/Graphic designer Peter Yip came up with this brilliantly unique idea after drawing out of proportion figures. There are barley visible figure templates on each page, allowing designers and students to draw quickly and easily whilst on the move. Like a moleskin, there are also amazing reference tools like body measurements, basic pattern samples, spec sheets, measurements tools and textile information. You can buy them online here...and I'm buying mine right now...maybe 2...maybe 10!


Wrap me up

I need these ladies in my life...and their head-wraps.


Charlie le Mindu live @ SHOWstudio

Famed for his work with Lady GaGa and his amazing fusion of fashion/millinery/hairdressing , Charlie le Mindu is sure to excite when he sets to work tomorrow at the SHOWstudio space. Webcams will be streaming his every move live on 11th and 12th March 2010, giving us a chance to see the avante-garde hair stylist at work. The brief? Diamonds, religion, and 'bigger than anything attempted before…'

I'm going to try and sneak a peek without my boss knowing, and I'm excited to see how this revolutionary 'designer' creates his masterpieces, and reveals his construction secrets.


FACEHUNTER: the book

I know, I know, another book - my addiction is getting out of control - I may need to seek professional help soon! Usually I go for large, coffee table tomes but the latest addition to me ever-growing fashion library is a perfectly man-bag sized gem from blogging royalty - Face Hunter. The Sartorialist had a book, and now does the Face Hunter...but if I had only enough space for one on my bowing bookcase, I'd have to opt for Yvan Rodic's sharp observations of innovative personal style;

'Face Hunter travels the globe in search of the most inventive, colourful, freaky, imaginative, gifted, graceful, exquisite, fascinating, unpredictable, gorgeous, refined, delicate, divine, facehuntable, fantabulous, bewitching, edgy, ravishing, chic, winning, alluring, wild, glamorous, voluptuous, radiant and classy.'

'I'm not a social scientist or a journalist...My pictures are not meant to document reality; they are meant to tell you short stories.' FaceHunter

I didn't even realise this image was from Face Hunter until I saw it in the book - one of my favourite images of both Roisin Murphy and this iconic Pugh dress (certainly looks better than when Beyonce tried to Pull-off-a-Pugh!).

Sonny Groo looking fierce as usual, contrasting against this luxurious tangerine drapery illustrate both extremes of my taste radar. Simply delicious.

This is my favourite shot. Or is it my favourite outfit? Or is the boy just cute? Who knows, but I love that freekin' jacket!

To launch his book Yvan Rodic (aka FaceHunter) is holding a book signing at Foyles, Charing Cross Road on 12th March, at 5pm. BE THERE.


James Dawe

These are truly inspirational illustrations and collages from artist James Dawe. Beautiful imagery created solely by cutting and pasting other images... the placement and proportion is simply genius.

11Null sunglasses

So Spring is upon us and one must think of re-vamping his wardrobe. I'm a bit of a spontaneous shopper, so this concept is proving a little difficult to follow through, seeing as though I'm still wrapped in black from head-to-toe!

One piece which easily sees me through this transitional stage between seasons are these futuristic, unisex sunglasses from 11Null. These glasses are not my usual style, and seem to be channeling Jean-Paul and Sonny, but I actually rather like them...seriously easy to carry around (in their rolled up form, fitting perfectly into a photo film canister), they sit perfectly on your face without falling off (trust, i tried)...

I know, I know...crappy image taken on my iPhone at work...but you likey?


Nicomede Talavera AW2010

I am slightly obsessed with these images of Nicomede Talavera's new collection - I want every single piece - the hair fringed t-shirt, the amazing fabric combinations, the necklaces made of bones, the conceptual yet wearable shirts, the trousers with a zipper at the back...Nicomede if you're listening, you know where to find me...

Images via Coute Que Coute.


Todd Lynn AW2010

I was lucky enough to go to the Todd Lynn AW2010 show during London Fashion Week. I know it's almost been a week since I actually went, but life sometimes gets in the way of blogging! Anywho, I met up with Audrey from Frassy, and after a few cigarettes and a couple of coffees we headed into the BFC tent at Somerset House.

I have been a fan of Todd Lynn's work for the past few seasons, and he's really helped inspire some of the design work I've been doing, so I was really excited to see his new show - and he didn't disappoint.

The blurry pictures above are ones I took on my rubbish camera at the show, but there are more detailed images from the professionals at Elle below.

I am certainly no fashion journalist, so I shall leave the review to the professionals, but the elements I particularly like in this collection are: leather strapping over the shoulders and back, the armoured leather elbows, the dramatic use of fur, leather panelling, the earthy colour palette and the warrior-like hair. It is a collection which ticks all the right boxes for me, and although there s a lot of Gothic inspired fashion around at the moment, I just can't get enough!